When a pirate and a wizard are forced to work together to solve a mystery of royal proportions, they find themselves embroiled in questions, answers and a relationship they never saw coming.

Chapter 4 - 5

31st Jul 2021, 11:28 AM

Miranda 31st Jul 2021, 11:28 AM
You loved him. You named him!
Now watch Humphrey soar to new heights!

Yup. Our seagull friend is named Humphrey thanks to Twitter! I think it suits him.

I'm really proud of this page! It kind of turned out just how I wanted it, which doesn't often happen! Don't forget, you can see early pages and even get stickers and other fun items if you head over to Patreon and join the crew!

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31st Jul 2021, 12:40 PM
Humphrey is best seagull!

Love how in the background we get to watch them move across the map, nice touch! :)
31st Jul 2021, 3:29 PM
Thank you!!
I thought it would better convey that they're actually walking and not teleporting, contrary to what you might think given Kelwyn's abilities XD